Posted by: wesleyjohnston | May 30, 2012

Welcome to Wesley Johnston’s Northern Ireland Roads Blog!


My name is Wesley Johnston, and I have been running the Northern Ireland Roads Site now for seven years. Why? Back in 2005 I became frustrated at how difficult it was to find accurate information on the current roads system here, and on plans for new roads. After many hours of trawling around the web I started to get to know the best places to obtain this information, and I decided to share what I had found on the web. I have been amazed by just how many other people there are who are interested in our road system.

The site initially gave equal airtime to (a) the current road system (b) historic plans and (c) future road schemes. However, feedback from site visitors indicated that future road schemes was by far the most popular side of the site, so this is where I now concentrate my efforts.

My interest in transport, however, extends beyond just keeping track of new road schemes. For example, I have done a lot of research over the past four years into the history of the largely forgotten Belfast Urban Motorway (to be published as a book in late 2012 or early 2013). I have also conducted a lot of research into other aspects of transport planning and much of this I would love to share.

The Northern Ireland Roads Site is intended to be as factual as possible, and I believe that loading it with my own personal opinions would jeopardise the current balance that I strive for on the site. So I have decided to keep running the site as it is now and set up a blog (where you are now!) to provide a platform for discussing a wider range of topics.

Although I often hold my tongue over on the NIRS, I do not intend to always be uncontroversial here, and I hope to provoke a little debate! Please bear with me if the site has teething issues as I am still finding my feet with WordPress.

Please also note that this is a personal web site, and is in no way associated with Roads Service or any other government department. Unless otherwise stated, opinions expressed here are entirely my own or of those who leave comments.

For those who can’t get enough roads chat, have a look at the forums over on SABRE (Society for British and Irish Road Enthusiasts) where you will find like-minded people, plus a wealth of inside knowledge.



  1. Great start to the blog; well done. I am certainly looking forward to seeing your “Urban Motorway” book when it is published.

  2. Great to see your new blog up and running Wesley – here’s to many years ahead of road trivia! Also looking forward to your forthcoming book on the Belfast Urban Motorway.

  3. Wesley,

    Safe to say, since 2005, you have fulfilled your ambition. Those of us who shared your problem pre-2005 but weren’t prepared to put in the effort to correct that are indebted to you!

    Not only is the information you present accurate and interesting, but also put forward in an entirely fair way – not always easy for “enthusiasts”!

    So, many thanks for your site, and every good wish for your blog.

  4. Best of luck with the new blog, Wesley. Pretty much thanks to your site, and a few others, five years ago I discovered an interest in roads that I never knew I had, with many hitherto unasked questions, answered!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the Belfast Urban Motorway book, when it appears. Now there’s an acronym they didn’t quite think through…..

  5. Thanks for all the support guys! Better knuckle down and get this book finished…

  6. Delighted that you’ve started a blog!

  7. Excellent and very enjoyable supplement your web site. Thanks for all your hard work.

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